Domain Registration

Domain RegistrationIn order to have a website, several processes need to occur. These are:

Domain Registration
All websites need an “address”. Typically, this address will look something like; This address is called a “domain name” and must be registered with an external authority.

The shorter the better! It is best if your Domain Name is recognisable as, and clearly linked to the organisation being represented by the website. If possible, protect your business name by registering a range of the common domain name extensions. (.com,, .net etc).

Kesamo will manage the Domain Registration process for you. Once registered, the Domain Names are legally owned by you, but be aware that all domain name registrations are subject to availability and registration rules.

Domain Prices
The following prices are subject to change, but include not just the Domain Registration, but also the service necessary to complete and manage the process, and on-going administration as required:

    Domain Name Extension                 Price (2 years)          

 All prices include 
          registration for a full          
2 years

 .com $50
.net  $50  $60 $60
.org $60 $60
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