Website Packages

Website PackagesWe develop Websites to meet your needs. We provide online solutions; ranging from a simple single "splash-page" through to complex multi-page sites that include your specific online business requirements and full integration with the Social Networking providers of your choice.

In all instances, the development process includes:

  • initial and ongoing consultation with the client.
  • clear and concise communication.
  • timely and agreed upon processes.

Once the scope of your project; whether it is simple or complex, has been developed, we work hard to ensure that you are fully "in the loop" throughout the process.

Website Packages

Package   Included Price 
 Website "Place Holder" Package *                   Logo           $50         
Basic text Informatiom 
 Website "Starter" Package * 1 Page   $160 
Basic Graphics
Up to one A4 page of text
Up to 4 images
 Additional Pages (per Page)    As per Website "Starter" Package                $100    

Additional Website Features Available *

Website Feature


 Online Form (up to 10 basic fields)                                                        


 Basic Comment functionality on articles


 Basic Discussion Forums


 Basic Blogging functionality


 Basic Image Gallery (up to 5 images)


 Community Social Networking Environment

price on request

Additional Services



 Domain Name Registration                                                                           

                from $50                

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
 Initial service only - Price on Request for ongoing services


 Social Network Creation and Integration
 includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+


 Website Hosting (per Year)

        from $150         

Ongoing Costs

For static websites, the only ongoing costs will be the annual Website Hosting fee + renewal of the Domain Name registration every 2 years. Should you require changes to content, an hourly rate applies.


For all packages; Text, Logos and photos are to be provided by you. Alternatively, Photography, image services and logo design are available (prices available on request)


Does not include Domain Name Registration or Website Hosting.


Further details are available at

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